Wellbefy Privacy policy for users

1. Collection of personal data

We collect data from you when you register in the app Wellbefy, sign in to the account, when you are active in the app and/or when you sign out. The collected data includes name and e-mail address. The data also includes wellbeing data from your answers to the questions in the app and also when you register performed activities. All data collected is displayed anonymously and no one but our technical team will access your personal data. Read more about where data is stored in part 2. You may follow your individual wellbeing in the app. We suggest you to have a safe pin code to your cell phone to ensure unauthorized access to the app is not possible.

2. Where are personal data stored

Personal data are stored at our supplier in a database hosted in Falkenberg, Sweden.

3. What data is stored

When you have registered and signed in to the app Wellbefy, personal data such as name and e-mail address are stored. In the app questions will frequently appear concerning the users experienced wellbeing in the work place. The answers given are chosen on a scale 1 to 6. The numbers corresponds to the users own experience for the given question. Answering 1 is equal to very bad experience. Answering 6 is equal to very good experience. The answers are accounted for in Wellbefy´s algorithm and the specific answer will be stored in the data system. If the user approves the Wellbefy app to connect with the user’s own device/cell phone, the devices pedometer information is included automatically and is stored in the Wellbefy app. If the user chooses to register physical activity in the app, this is also stored. If the user chooses to answer questions in their profile this is stored in Wellbefy´s data system and in the user’s profile.

4. Why is data stored

Information such as name and e-mail address is stored at registestration to enable the user to have a personal profile in the Wellbefy app. The user’s data is included with their colleague’s data. The user needs to be identified in some way to connect to the right organization. That data is only visible within that organization.

Data extracted from questions the user has answered are stored in Wellbefy´s data system and are anonymously visible for people within the same organization. Read more of who may access the system in part 6.1. The data is stored to help the organization understand it´s weaknesses and strengths in working environment and employee wellbeing. The data is used to analyse the current situation and to follow trends and changes. Other registered data such as steps and registered physical activity are saved to give the user the possibility to have competitions for different types of physical activities. Read more about why we save information in part 8.

5. How we share data

Data shown in the app is shown as a percentage based on answers to questions. The percentage is calculated through an algorithmic formula.

In the app the total wellbeing status is shown as the sum of the answers. It is also divided into three categories: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and social wellbeing. In the web platform, which predetermined users has access to; data can be followed in multiple levels of detail under the headings physical, mental and social. All data is anonymously shown and will only be displayed on team- and organizational level. The user can continuously follow step and registered physical activities in the app. During events and competitions every user can follow each other’s physical effort. This data is shown in the tab ‘Competition´. The users can follow their team’s total effort but also individual effort. What will be seen are name, performed physical activity and scores.

6. Who has access to data

There are five different groups that have access to data in different ways.

  • Wellbefy - Wellbefy has access to all types of registered data from the app and web platform. Selected developers have access to all types of data, which the user has chosen to register in the app. The data will be stored in Wellbefy’s database. Other employees at Wellbefy only have access to anonymous data, which is the same as what the organization/client sees. Read more about this in part 6.3. However the employees only have access to this data if the user approved it.
  • The user - The user can follow their own individual registered data in the app. Also they can follow their team and the combined wellness data from the entire organization.
  • Selected administrators

    Client administrator
    An internal administrator is chosen by the client, which will access the web platform. The web platform displays detailed data anonymously.

    The administrators
    Can erase users, remove users, create new teams and arrange activity events and competition.

    Service provider
    Our service provider has the data stored on dedicated servers on our behalf. They are responsible for ensuring that stored data are taken care of according to current legislation and that no one without given reason has the possibility to access the data.

    Third party
    When the organization/client chooses to use a consultant (third party) in internal projects the third party may access the web platform. This means that the person has the same access to data as the selected administrators. Read more about it in part 6.3 above. Except this we do not sell, trade or in any way transfer personal identifiable data to external parties.

7. What we do with your personal data

Wellbefy collects and uses your personal data for the purposes set out below:

  • Wellbefy collects and uses your personal data for the purposes set out below.To help your employer, executive and HR to create the best possible work environment for you through continuous follow up on compiled data of how the teams and the entire organization is doing and experienced wellbeing at the workplace. Your employer and all employees in the organization can follow the wellbeing status on team- and organizational level. This means that individual data never will be displayed. The data will be found in the app Wellbefy and in the web platform https://www.healthanalytics.se/auth.
  • Personlig information som namn och mailadress används även vid administrering av användare i verktyget. Som att flytta personer till rätt team och administrera aktivitetstävlingar. Lika så används informationen till att göra kontinuerliga undersökning kring användarens upplevda hälsa på arbetsplatsen.
  • Individual information such as name and email address are used when managing the user in the tool, for example when moving users to the right team and managing activity events. The data is also used to make continuous analysis of users experienced wellness at the workplace. Improve customer service and the user’s need of help.
  • Contact you by e-mail.
  • Send out push notifications that easily can be turned off in settings in the app.

8. Purpose of stored data

The purpose of the stored data is to help the organization to easily analyse how the workplace and employee are doing. Some data such as name and e-mail address are stored to connect the right user to their organization.

9. Data protection

We take a number of different safety actions to protect personal data. We use advanced methods to encrypt and protect sensitive data that are transferred over the Internet. Only employees who are executing specific tasks (e.g. key account managers or customer service), will access individual identifiable data. The computers and servers used to store individual identifiable data are stored in a safe environment.

10. Access and updates of personal data

In the app you can easily change your name in your profile and your e-mail in ‘Settings’.

11. How to delete an account and remove data

Your employer purchased this service with the purpose of increasing employee wellbeing and the working environment at the workplace. If you quit and wish to close your account in the app, you can do this by contacting us. When your account is removed it will be anonymous and you can remove the app. It will not be possible for Wellbefy’s database or your employer to see your name or e-mail address anymore. After closing your account you will not get any notifications or e-mail from Wellbefy.

12. Changes to the policy

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time. If we make changes, we will add them and indicate the policy’s new valid date on this site. If we make essential changes of the policy we will inform you through email.

13. Legal

If we consider it necessary to share data for the purpose of investigating, prevent or take action against illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations which brings a risk for a person's physical safety, violation of our terms of use or other situations where the law requires, we will.

14. Consent

By using the app you approve our privacy policy, which includes all parts above.

Updated - July 14th 2023